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How to get referrals on flickpays

How to get referrals on flickpays

How to get people to register of flickpays is what we will be sharing with you here. There are a lot of ways by which one can get people to register

People advertise on facebook to get referrals. Now, these are step by step procedures by which you can be getting 20+ referrals every week.

  1. Open a whatsapp group.
  2. Join lots and lots of facebook groups.
  3.   Advertise and talk about flickpays there and collect their whatapp numbers.
  4. Add/invite them to your whatsapp group.
  5. Set your group setting to only admin to avoid spamming and to keep you in control of the group.
  6. Add at least a hundred people to your whatsapp group daily and trust me you will be cashing out big money  monthly.
  7. Tell them about the business and how it works with at least 7-10 alert testimonies from the group chat.
  8.   You need to keep at this consistently even when it seems like its not working for theres surely a bright day ahead.
  9.   You can contact whatsapp tvs and pay them to run ads for you. This method is 95% sure to work as long as you contact a whatsapp tv with a whole lot of contact, set up a beautiful writeup and tag it with alert testimonies from the facebook group. You will also put the link to your facebook group in the writeup so the interested ones can join immediately
  10. Endeavour to post your own personal alert to the group as it helps convinces people that it actually works.
  11.    Register anyone that shows interest and start making cool cash everyday.

Apart from Facebook, you can still head over to forums like nairaland.com, warriorforum.com, Reddit.com etc and make your adverts as it has many people visiting it.

So go and register with them FOR FREE and start driving audiences. Also don’t forget to join Students facebook groups. you can find these out by just searching on facebook for any school.